Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wedding is Over

I can't believe the wedding is over. So much effort is poured into one day that when it's done there's not only this huge sigh of relief but also a let-down feeling that seems to come -- "so now what do I do"! I feel like Christmas is somewhat anti-climatic after the wedding. But there's still much to do to get ready for Christmas. I haven't quite finished shopping and there's some baking still to do. Anthony and Charissa will be here on Christmas eve day and then head to his parents home for Christmas day. Then they are off to California to live. It will be hard to have them that far away. It probably is only for 6 months so that helps.
The wedding was beautiful. Because it was a small chapel and dark, all the lights and candles made it one of the prettiest weddings ever. Both my sisters were here and were so much help. I had 4 nieces and nephews that also helped so much. This wedding could not have been done without them. We had about 4 hours to decorate and have a rehearsal. Everything went very smoothly. Her dress was beautiful too. I'm glad I made it. Not sure I would do another but it was a very special labor of love and she looked radiant in it.


grandmarockton said...

YES, she's a Beautiful bride now there will be a little emptynest feeling but WHAT MEMORIES!

Anonymous said...

The dress is beautiful. My daughter and her boyfriend are engaged and I am really looking forward to making her dress. She is a busty girl (DD cup) and unfortunately she insists on a strapless dress. I have good sewing skills, but I am worried about placing the boning in the dress. Do you have any tips?