Friday, November 19, 2010

Marathon Quilting

I am done with customer quilts until January. I did 11 quilts in a little over 2 weeks by working many days 8 - 10 hours. It was intense (so that's why there's been no recent posts). But with the wedding now just a little over 4 weeks away, I needed to finish up customer quilts and get on to wedding related things. My list is long. There is still a few details to finish on the wedding dress and the flower girl's dress. I still have to figure out my own outfit for the wedding and then all the other details such as reception table decorations etc. But all fun stuff and what a beautiful time of year to get married. It will feel good to have a break from customer quilts, especially after this marathon I just completed! :) I'll post pictures of many of the quilts soon.

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