Monday, October 26, 2009

Latest Project

Feathers are beautiful on quilts and I just learned a new way of doing feathers. I have two other methods to make feathers but this is probably the most beautiful. So the last customer quilt had feathers (the white embroidered quilt in the photos) and now my red days of the week quilt is filled with feathers. I think it's good to know lots of ways to make designs. It's important to be so familiar with each design that you can execute it from any direction and without hardly even thinking. Skill in anything takes time, but I find that because I've been at this for almost 10 years now it easier to execute difficult designs without so much practice. The learning curve for these feathers was really short. I spent about 5 minutes with them on paper and then proceeded to stitch them on quilts. This days of the week quilt will be a favorite. I've always liked this verse, though rarely followed it's advice. My best days according to this plan will always be Wednesday (though Sundays are great too -- if I can find time to rest).

"Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Sew on Wednesday, Shop on Thursday, Clean on Friday, Bake on Saturday and Rest on Sunday."

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